MHM Gear

If you order a pack from us, not only does it come with a lifetime warranty, it is our personal guarantee that the quality and fit of the pack will exceed your standards.
All our products use top of the line fabrics and are hand-sewn to create some of the finest outdoor gear on this round blue globe. What makes us so unique is that our process of design and development are integrated, our pack designers are the same people building our prototypes. 
This offers a superior quality product since there is no disconnect between design and development. It is our guarantee that every pack we develop here at MHM has been subject to rigorous development and testing in the United States for well over a year before it is even available in stores.
So browse the store and see what pack, shirt, or packing accessory floats your boat. If you ever have any questions then please feel free to contact us- Thanks for your support of MHM!

-Jeff & Casey

MHM Captains